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Drop the popular trends and embrace the true bbq tradition - 1st year of Žarovnije

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

I write in english again after some time. Seems just about right for a proper BBQ talk.

Trends ruin everything! We didn't even started to see a proper BBQ enviroment developing in our country but it is already bypassed by all kinds of things named BBQ which as far away from the real thing as possible. Well let me tell you the truth. No fake smoke, no sous-vide, no oven or similar industry tricks come even close!

First of all BBQ in its origin is a fine tradition. Family, friends, communities are gathered around the BBQ all over the world for its sole purpose of connecting people and bringing joy and happiness among everybody involved. There is commitment, love, passion and true friendship that is needed. A somewhat rare find these days. Speaking for myself I met some special people I call friends in the shadows of a smoking BBQ. This is why Žarovnije embarked on a special journey 1 year ago to start the BBQ life in its true form and get as many people to try it and know it and join our growing community. The best time spent this year was meeting new people at our events and sharing BBQ with you. We want to thank every single like giver, visitor or participant at our events, sponsors, partners, friends and our family for the support in the first year of our little but very special project.

Thanks and looking forward to the beautiful smoky future.

Yours truly,

Lords of the smoke ring - Žarovnije

Photo by: Maxwell Charlesworth&Jaša Zidar

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