Maui Deba je oblikoval Chef Karim Maoui kot pravo večnamensko rezilo in zelo uporabno orodje v kuhinji.
Dolgo 170mm in široko 57mm na najširšem koncu ima zelo lepo krivuljo, ki pelje do konice v obliki puščice.


“Designed to fit and balance perfectly in the hand. For me, it’s the perfect compromise of the weight of a German knife with the exquisite cutting edge of Japanese craftsmanship” – Chef Karim Maoui, Designer.

I.O.Shen Maui Deba

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  • “In my life I have three knives that I use day in and day out, the rest are specialist knives designed for one specific job. I wanted my knife to be the first knife you reach for in the morning and the last one put away at night. It should be an extension of yourself and your automatic choice without thinking about it because it just ‘works’.” - Karim Maoui, Chef - designer